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Published on August 11, 2020 by Spooky2 Videos

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Let’s talk about the working theory of Contact mode. Royal Rife used plasma tubes to send the signal to our body. Our plasma tube is good, because they can pass through air and pass through bone. We use quite a lot of contact mode nowadays, and contact made, it is very very good again, but it can’t pass through bone and it doesn’t pass through air, but still the effectiveness is very good, if you can get it to pass through muscle or organ tissue. Because contact mode is so simple, convenient and cheap, it’s the most common mode of applying rife frequencies today. The equipment is far cheaper than plasma units. And it is still reasonably effective. Contact mode has got no restrictions for the frequency. Low frequencies can’t pass through tissue very easily, but high frequencies can, so you can set frequencies that are of high frequencies. Another disadvantage with contact mode is the low frequencies can give it a very strong sensation, almost like a burning sensation. And it can hurt. The high frequencies don’t give this, so it’s another reason for using frequencies that are reasonably high. By high, I’m talking around 20 Khz or more. When frequencies are above 20 Khz, the signal passes more through each cell. It doesn’t pass around the cell as the very low frequency does. If the frequencies get very high, then the characteristics of the signal changes again, but it’s all to our advantage, so generally frequencies that are around 1 Mhz, 2 Mhz are good for contact mode.

Well, some people are saying, what about the skin effect, at very high frequencies, electricity has, like a skin effect, if you got a still conductor in a high frequency, only the outer part of the conductor will be conducting electricity, the other part being called skin of a conductor. People think, well, what about us, we’ve got skin all over our body, but this is using with skin in a different way. At high frequencies, some people have said, well, because the electricity only passes through the skin at high frequencies, it only passes through the skin, this isn’t true, what it really means is that the electricity passes through the surface of conductors.

If the signals are passing through your body, even the high frequency will pass through every single cell in your body. With sufficient power, a well-designed rife machine can deliver electrical energy deep enough into your body, to reach all of its organs. Some people believe that applying a DC offset in contact mode improves treatment efficiency. We have a bio Beck protocol in Hulda Clark as well. Hulda Clark was stating to always keep a positive offset on the signal, well, the unfortunate thing is, with the contact mode, if you have an offset, you get acid buildup on your skin, this can be underneath Hand Cylinders, or underneath the TENS pads, it doesn’t actually matter, you still get this acid buildup on your skin, they can cause skin damage and as a result of that damage, it can cause scaring, and this is not very pleasant, you’ll find that Spooky2 presets generally don’t have any offset at all. We do this as a safeguard to prevent skin damage. Royal Rife’s treatments rely on frequencies, they didn’t rely on a DC offset, so the frequencies are just as effective with the 0 offset.

Spooky2 can apply contact mode in different ways, we’ve got Hand Cylinders, TENS pads, we’ve got silver material wrists or straps, all making it very convenient for contact mode. In fact, contact mode treatments can be done for long periods of time, safely with 0 offset, using the accessories that we have.

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