Why the Frequency Displayed on Generator is Different from the Frequency on the Computer?

Published on September 18, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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When people use XM generator, they often ask why the frequency displayed on the generator is different from the frequency on the computer. It’s actually quite normal.

The frequency will not be the same if you have a wave cycle multiplier in effect. The other alternative is if you have a frequency limit in place and the frequency has been raised or lowered to another harmonic to fit within the limits. It all depends on what frequency you are looking at on Spooky2 and the settings in use.

When we say it depends on what frequency you are looking at, it means the original database frequency or what is shown in the Out 1 and Out 2 output panels in the channel control window.

Without knowing exactly what settings you were using, it is hard to determine the exact nature of your observation.

To highlight the wave cycle multiplier closer, if you are using a Square H Bomb, which has as wave cycle multiplier of 16, in order to achieve the frequency, the generator will play the waveform at 1/16th the rate of the frequency you are targeting.

So if your frequency is 16000 Hz, since the waveform has 16 cycles built in, we will tell the generator to play it at 1000 Hz. 1000 x 16 = 16000 Hz – the frequency we are after.

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