What’s in Status Bar?

Published on December 21, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

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Hello, in this video, we will show you what is in status bar. Status Bar is used to report system status data, mainly for operations and error tracking. It is common to all tabs. The status bar is at the bottom of the software.

The first one is “GC”. It is “Generator Count” and it reports the number of generators found by Spooky2 at launch. As one generator is connected now, the number here is “1”. “RE” is “Response Errors”. When a command is issued to a generator, Spooky2 awaits a response from it. If none is received, this value increments. So if the number is “0”, it is normal. Now, I will show you if there are errors, what will it show. We can see the number after “RE” is “10”. If the number is not “0”, it shows that it has errors and you can also check that the generator number here is red. The third one is “GE”. It is “Generator Error”. It reports the number of the generator which reported the last error. As the generator number is “3”, so the number after GE is also “3”. This button is “Clear Errors” button. Clicking it clears status bar error boxes only, this won’t clear errors in the “Errors” tab. So I click it, you can find that the number after “RE” and “GE” is “0” now. Here “Spooky2 John White 20200215” is the version of the software you are using.

“Screenshot”. Click it to take a screenshot of all tabs. The JPG files are stored in Spooky2’s Data subdirectory.

“Customer Support”. It takes screenshot of all tabs, then help you report your problem to the Spooky2 Help Desk. The Email address is already entered and screenshot are automatically attached. There is a “Message Center”. It displays brief message showing what Spooky2 is doing correctly. Okay, thanks for watching this video.


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