What’s in Status Bar?

Published on March 20, 2017 by Spooky2 Videos

http://www.spooky2.com/ – This video shows what is in status bar. Status bar is used to report system status data, mainly for operations and error tracking. The following is the brief introduction:

Generator Count: reports the number of generators found by Spooky2 at launch.

Response Errors: when a command is issued to a generator, Spooky2 awaits a response from it. If none is received, this
value increments.

Generator Error: reports the number of the generator which reported the last error.

Clear Errors: click to clear Status Bar error boxes only – this won’t clear errors in the Errors tab.

Version: this is the Spooky2 release you’re using.

Screenshot: click to take a screenshot of all tabs. The JPG files are stored in Spooky2’s Data subdirectory.

Support: takes screenshots of all tabs, then helps you report your problem to the Spooky2 Help
Desk. The email address is already entered, and screenshots are automatically attached.

Message Centre: displays brief messages showing what Spooky2 is doing currently.

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