What is in Utils Menu?

Published on December 29, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

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What’s in Utils Menu?
Hello, in this video, I will show you what’s in utils menu. You can see there are 11 commands here, I will introduce them one by one.
The first one is “Identify Generators”. It darkens all generator buttons. If the generator is running, it will stop and show port numbers on generator display. It also opens a detailed report. Now, let’s see the generators stop running and the generator buttons become dark. Now, let’s check the report. It is said that “All generators are now displaying their respective port numbers.” You can check from here, generator 7 is running “Eyesight To Improve” preset and generator 12 is running “Immune System Stimulation” preset. So it is very easy for you to find the generators and change programs. If you close the window, the generators will run again.
The second is “Identify USB Devices ”. It opens USB View, and helps you know what USB are connected to your computer. I click it. You can see there are two generators connecting to the computer.
The third command here “Update Presets”. It converts older Spooky2 presets to the newest preset format.
The fourth is “Install Spooky2-XM Drivers”. It will install the correct Spooky2-XM generator drivers for your PC.
The fifth is “Install GeneratorX Drivers”. It will install the correct GeneratorX drivers for your PC.
The sixth command is “Remove Unused Generators from Registry ”. It finds and removes USB ports windows erroneously reserves for “ghost” generators, freeing up unused port numbers. Clicking it will opens a new window for you to operate.
The seventh is “Emulate Single GX and XM”. It is a Test Mode feature that creates a GeneratorX and Spooky2-XM test generator for you to try the examples and tutorials in this document. Let’s go to Control tab. You can see, Port 3 and Port 4 are for GeneratorX. And Port 5 is for a XM generator.
The eighth is “Rescan Devices”. It will bring the offline generators back to the software without having to stop your entire rig.
The ninth is “Colloidal/ Ionic Silver Calculator”. It opens a window which allows you to find optimum values for making colloidal silver by using an interactive calculator. I click it and it opens a window. Here you enter the volume of distilled water in your container. For example, I enter “1,000” and here you can enter the desired PPM of colloidal silver you would like to make. The number “20” is the default. We can check here. It calculates the duration of colloidal silver automatically. For more details, please check the video “how to make colloidal silver by Spooky2”.
The tenth is “Turn GX displays OFF”. It turns off the LCD display of your GeneratorX.
The eleventh is “Turn GX displays ON”. It turns on the LCD display of your GeneratorX.
Okay, thanks for watching this video.

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