What is in Internet Tab?

Published on December 19, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

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What is in Internet Tab?
Hello, in this video, we will show you what is in internet tab. This is where everything related to email and the internet is found.
There are total two panes here. The first is “Email Options”. You can use this pane to send emails. The email address is entered here and the massage is written here. For example, if you want to email us, you can write the email address support@spooky2-mall.com and type the message in this pane and use this button to send the email. This button clears the entered email address. Here is a note: you must have a correctly configured POP mail desktop client like Outlook or Windows Mail for this. It only works for webmail after you set up your desktop client for this.
The second pane is social networks pane. Click this button, you will visit Spooky2 forum. Click this button, you will visit Spooky2 Facebook group “Spooky2 rife for life”. Click this button, you will visit Spooky2 YouTube channel. Click these buttons will take you to Spooky2 Blog, MiraMate PEMF site, Spooky2 Online Guide, Spooky2Reviews.com, Rife Machine FAQ, Spooky2 Sales site, Spooky2 Scalar site, Spooky2 Support site and Spooky2 Videos site.
Okay, thanks for watching this video.

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