What is in System Tab?

Published on December 18, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

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What is in System Tab?

Hello, in this video, I’ll show you what is in system tab. Settings made in this tab will affect the operation of your entire Spooky2 rig. You can see there are 8 panes here. I will introduce them one by one.
The first one is “Generator Settings”. “Display Port Number”. If I tick it, it will show port number on generator display when the generator is stopped. So it is easy for you to set many generators.
“High CPU Priority”. It tells windows to allocate most resources to Spooky2.
“Write Program Log”. It writes record of activity to a file saved to the Data folder. You can find the programs you ran before.
“Show Decimal Time In Seconds” express time as seconds, and the resolution is 2 decimal places.
The next is “Show Internet Tab”. It shows or hides the “Internet” tab.
“Use Simple BFB Average” uses a pre-GeneratorX method to calculate Running Average.
“Auto Close Control Panel”. Tick this to automatically close the Generator Control Panel when you switch to a different tab.
“Disable Tooltips”. You can see it will show a tooltip of this function, if I click this, it will remove the tooltip and a restart is required.
“Show Program Total Run Time”. It displays run times in the programs pane. After ticking it, we need to refresh the database.
“Enable Right-Click Contextual Help”. Right-click your mouse can see help for that item.
“Pause Generators during Biofeedback” pauses all other generators during biofeedback, which can prevent interference from other programs running on other generators.
“Prevent Computer Hibernation” keeps your computer from sleeping when running Spooky2 programs.
“Display GX Current + Angle” updates Current and Angle displays in the Generator Control Panel.
Fast uses a higher refresh rate to display GX Current and Angle
The “Wobble” here is identical to those in the Settings tab. However, these set up the momentary wobble system applied by buttons in the Generator Control Panel.
“Connected Hardware” This is where you see all hardware, like connected generators, Spooky2 Pulse, etc. There is nothing here because the software is in test mode.

“Spooky2 Pulse Limits” pane allows you to customize the threshold for detecting values.
“Min BPM” is the minimum acceptable pulse rate during biofeedback scan.
“Max BPM” is the maximum acceptable pulse rate during biofeedback scan.
“Max HRV” is the maximum HRV value during biofeedback scan.
“Frequency Blacklist Control”. You can disallow any frequency you wish in Spooky2. You should add the 1840 and 1910. These are believed to cause malignancy growth.
For example, I enter “1840” and use this button to add it and use this button to delete blacklist.
“Avoid Octaves”. You can avoid octave harmonics by ticking this if you wish. However, this can result in very important frequencies being skipped.
“Avoid Decades”. You can also avoid decade harmonics.
The “Active Databases” pane. It shows file-paths to your databases. Select to load the database you want.
“DNA Database” loads the DNA database for plants and animals.
“Base Pair Database” loads the DNA Base Pair database for pathogens.
“Non-Human Base Pair Database” loads the Non-Human Base Pair Database of animal and plant pathogens.
“Molecular Weight Database” loads the Molecular Weight database. Increases launch times.
“Custom Database #2-#4” loads your custom databases. Databases #2 – #4 values are set via the Select Custom Database #2-#4 command in the Database menu.
“Biofeedback Database” loads your biofeedback results database. Change the database via the Select Biofeedback Database command in the Database menu.
“Encyclopedia” loads the medical database which you can search in the Programs tab.
“Skins”. You can change the appearance of the Spooky2 user interface by choosing a skin in the combo box.
“Sound” sets whether to use no sound, a beep, or a person’s voice to alert the user to notifications by Spooky2.
“Frequency Conversions”. These controls affect programs from the Molecular Weight and Base Pair databases only. They have no effect on the Main database programs.Best left to experts.
“Restore Defaults”. Clicking it will return to Spooky2 Default “System” settings.
Okay, thanks for watching this video.

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