What is in Programs tab?

Published on December 13, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos


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Hello, in this video, I’ll show you what is in the programs tab. In this tab, you can search for and select your programs, rearrange their order if you wish and make various settings.

The search field here allows you to search the programs and medical encyclopedia. You can press “Enter” or click the Search button to search the programs. This button searches all the text of the medical encyclopedia. And the Clear button removes your search text and restores the Programs pane with all programs.

This is the program’s pane. It lists more than 51,000 programs in four factory database – Main, Molecular Weight, Human Base Pair, and Non-Human Base Pairs, plus those in your biofeedback and custom file.

The words in the right are the resources of the database. To deselect them all, you can use this button. To include all, you can use this button, or you can pick them one by one. The question mark brings up a description of all the databases.

For example, I search “cold” and click the search button, you can see there are 105 results. You can scroll through this field to find or click inside it and use your mouse scroll wheel. You can double click to choose a single program. Or select the program and use the Add to List button to copy the programs to the Loaded Programs column.

If you want to choose multiple programs at the same time, you can hold down the left mouse button and move to choose the programs. Use this button to add the selected programs. The hand here is the Stop Loaded Programs button, which aborts the loading program if you have chosen many programs at the same time.

To delete the selected program, just double click to delete the single program. This button clears all the programs from the Loaded Programs column.

You can use this button to save the selected programs to a new program. You can use this button to move them up, or use this button to move it to the top, and to the bottom. If I choose a program, there would be a program description. Almost every program in the database has notes with useful information attached. This is options pane. It offers options for changing the delivery of different aspects of your program.

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