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Published on December 14, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

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Hello, in this video, I will show you what is in options pane. This offers options for changing the delivery of different aspects of your program and I will make some examples to show you how to use these functions.

I have created 2 test programs. Test 1 program includes frequency 1 and 2. Test 2 program includes frequency 3 and 4. I double click to load them.

If I enter “2” after “Repeat Each Frequency”, then go to control tab to run the programs. You can see the frequencies repeat twice.

The second is “Repeat Each Program”. If I enter “2” after “Repeat Each Program”, then go to the control tab to run the programs. You can see the program 1 repeats twice and program 2 repeats twice.

“Repeat Sequence”, you can find the total run time of the two generators is 12 minutes. If I enter “2” to “Repeat Sequence”, the estimated total run time becomes 24 minutes, so this function will repeat the sequence. If I enter “0”, the program will repeat continuously until you stop it.

“Repeat Chain”. If I enter “2”, the preset chain will repeat twice.

“Dwell Multiplier”. It allows you to override the default dwells for frequencies(normally 180 seconds). If I enter “2” here, we can see the estimated total run time is 24 minutes. If I enter “0.5”, the estimated total run time becomes 6 minutes.

“Frequency Multiplier” here. It transposes frequencies up so they’re closer to a pathogen’s fundamental Mortal Oscillatory rate. You can use Octaves or Decades. This is only for killing, not healing. For example, if I enter “10”, then go to the control tab. You can see the frequency is “1” but the output is “10”. The frequency is “2” but the output is “20”.

Run xx Hz for xx seconds after each frequency: this inserts a spacer/pad frequency between each frequency with a specified dwell. Let me show you an example. I enter 7.83 Hz for 180 seconds. Don’t forget to select this function. Then go to control tab to see the results. It will not show in the frequency list here, but it will run automatically.

“Remove Duplicate Frequencies”. If you load multiple programs for a condition, it’s likely they’ll have frequencies in common. For example, I choose multiple Acne programs. If I select Remove Duplicate Frequencies, the total estimated run time is reduced. Use this control to skip transmitting these duplicates. But note that some presets in the Morgellons and Lyme protocol deliberately use duplicate frequencies for a good reason, you can consult the guide and preset notes.

“All Apply Tissue Factor to DNA/BP/MW Programs”. This factor alters all DNA, BP and MW database frequencies to compensate. It is experimental now.

The “Sort Order Menu”. You can select to reorder the frequencies in each individual program from unsorted to ascending or descending order. However, many programs confirm unsorted frequencies for a good reason, so we recommend choosing “Do Not Sort Frequencies” unless you are an experienced rifer.

Okay, thanks for watching this video.
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