What is in Errors Tab?

Published on December 20, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

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What’s in Errors Tab?

Hello, in this video, I will show you what is in Errors tab. All important Spooky2 errors will be listed in this tab. They will remain here until you clear them.
If there are errors, it will show the date, time. The generator number and the nature of the errors are also recorded.
For example, it says “2020/2/18 22:39:15 Port number 3 did not respond”. It means that your generator has communication problem with your software.

We can also check errors from here. If the number after the “RE” and “GE” is not “0”, it means there are errors.
This is the delete button. You click here and then you can clear the errors. This is the write button, click here and then you can write the errors list to a text file and save it to the location of your choices.
Okay, thanks for watching this video.

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