What is in Database Menu?

Published on April 13, 2017 by Spooky2 Videos

http://www.spooky2.com/ – This video shows what is Database Menu. These four commands allow you to carry out various database file operations while Spooky2 is running – from selecting a different custom database to editing those databases, then loading your edits.

1. Opens a Windows file navigation dialog to allow you to select and load a different custom database.

2. Opens the current custom database in the built-in database editor so you can make changes and save them.

3. Reloads your edited and saved custom database.

4. This will write the names, durations in minutes, and Program Descriptions for all database programs to a text file.

5. This will take you to the Spooky2.com website and download the latest database to your Downloads folder. Place this inside your Spooky2 directory on (C:) drive, then relaunch Spooky2.

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