What Are the Differences Between “Analyse” and “Analyse+” Button?

Published on September 4, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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In this video, we will show you the differences between “Analyse” and “Analyse+” Button.

“Analyse” or “Analyse+” button in the biofeedback pane allows you to reanalyze your scan results and get more biofeedback scan hits.

Take GX BFB scan as an example, there are 3 detecting methods for GX BFB scan: Angle, Current, and Angle +Current. In the default GX BFB scan preset, the hits are based on the Current value. You can also get new hits according to the Angle, or Angle+Current values.

If you select Angle, click Analyse button and open a previous biofeedback scan file, you will get 10 new hits from the Angle value.

Note: The number of hits depends on the Max Hits to Find you set. For example, I set Max Hits to Find to 10, I will find 10 new hits.

Analyse+ button can give you more hit frequencies than the Analyse button. If you choose Angle or Current, and then click Analyse+ button, you will get 20 hits for both Angle and Current values. You can get 30 hits for all the 3 detecting methods by choosing Angle+Current: 10 for Angle, 10 for Current, and 10 for Angle+ Current.

Note: “Angle”, “Current”, and “Angle+ Current” are detecting ways for GX BFB scan. “BPM” and “HRV” are used for Pulse scan.

Thanks for watching this video. Which button do you use more often? Comment below and share with us!


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