Unboxing Video Spooky2 Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit

Published on April 19, 2022 by Spooky2 Videos

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Spooky2 Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit
This video will display the products that are included in the Spooky2 Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit.

All machines are packaged in a 2-layer portable bag. Please check each product and make sure no parts are missing.

Now, let’s check the details of the Spooky2 Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit:
First, inside the portable bag, there is one Spooky2-XM generator, one power adapter, and one USB cable that come with them. The correct power plugs will be provided based on your country’s standards.

Here is the Magnetic Stirrer, Alligator Clip Cable, and two 2.5mm diameter silver rods. Thick 2.5mm rods give better results.

And there is also one Spooky2 boosts 3.1. You can use it to combine the power of both output channels of the generator and quadruple the output power.

Finally, you can find the Colloidal Silver User’s Manual, which guides you to create pure colloidal silver.

Tip: We have prepared a useful tool for every Spooky2 user – a laser pen. After you’ve made the colloidal silver, you can use it to check your results.

Thank you for watching this video.


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