Spooky2 Testimonial: My Journey with Spooky2

Published on July 28, 2023 by Spooky2 Videos

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This real feedback comes from Steve.

Hello, my name is Steve. My lovely wife and I live in the great state of Georgia in the United States. I’m headed into my 60 s this year.

After initially finding the benefits of sound frequencies to address an issue my wife is dealing with. I learned about Royal Rife and his research. The path was full of pieces and parts of past research and conversation with family and friends, but things started clicking together like Lego blocks over the last few weeks. One of our sons is dealing with Lyme disease, so the possibility of helping him was becoming evident and it all started to fit together.

As far as which Spooky devices we’re using well. I decided to begin with at least one GeneratorX Pro for the benefit of the increased biofeedback scan abilities and eight XM generators for use with remotes. I included the Colloidal Silver Kit to our startup package as well.

I got to tell you the idea of treating with remotes. That’s Spooky, but it’s cool.

We’ve literally just started our journey with Spooky2, and even frequencies for that matter. We started our journey, but I can say that the opportunity to take control of certain aspects of our health is great. Our bodies are absolutely awesome creations, and I believe god has allowed us to find this technology and the Spooky2 resources specifically, and this time to restore some health and keep running smoothly a lot of systems in our bodies.

For those like me, that are excited by the features available in the Spooky2 line of products and the possibilities of in-house treatments instead of over-the-counter prescription. For seemingly everything, I would recommend the Spooky2 system with the awesome Frequency Database.

I got to say: “May God give you wisdom in your journey.”

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