Spooky2 Testimonial: My Journey of Discovering Spooky2 and Falling in Love with It

Published on July 21, 2023 by Spooky2 Videos

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This real feedback comes from Scott Toole.

Hi, my name is Scott Toole. And I am doing a video about my Spooky2 XM generator. I recently found out about rife tones because I do brain and treatment courses with sound and light that I really like. And then I started experimenting with Solfeggio frequencies and frequency generators for sound only to where I could write my own brain and treatment blocks. And of course, I was looking for different frequencies that hit different things. And wouldn’t you know it, I found out about rife frequencies. And, I’ve always been into sound and music and just the idea of being able to feel the sound and music was very exciting for me. So I did research and made list of frequencies to use and did more research online to try and figure out what kind of a rife system I would like to have. After doing my research, I found out that Spooky2 offers quite a bit for what it is. What I like most about it when I first started reading about it was that it had presets for Kundalini Songs of the Spine, and Kundalini Expand. That was one of the big selling points just working on my energy field, of course, with the Meridians. And also that it also has the big database called MW to where you can look up different types of drugs and minerals and substances, and they have the frequencies for each one based on their molecular way. And I’ve been experimenting with that. They have DMT which is very nice if you like to meditate and you’re trying to activate your higher faculties via Kundalini. And I haven’t been using it too long, but for the time that I haven been using it, as you can see that I have made some my own programs that I’m running. I can definitely feel improvements. I’m still learning about the features. I did like it so much that I decided to order another generator which could be on its way to me, so that I can do multiple frequency sets at the same time. Run detox while running healing programs, or whatever I can come up with that I think might be helpful. Um, I would recommend Spooky2 to other people because the science is absolutely sound if you’ve ever heard of the Anakin keys or the Anakin language. If you research those types of spiritual esoteric topics, you will know that the words and sounds were made to help people to access different parts of their brain by a sound. Sound is how you can go into yourself and activate those parts of yourself. It’s absolutely real. It’s an ancient science. It absolutely works. And the fact we have these computer systems and machines now that can do it for us to help us activate those parts of our brain and inner worlds and also heal us when we’re sick, and just the various other things that can be done. It’s quite amazing. And I definitely would recommend Spooky2 after purchasing my first Spooky2 like I was saying, I liked it so much and founded to be of so high quality that I did order another generator. And I’m going to continue experimenting and making programs. And that’s why I like Spooky2, and that’s why I would recommend it to anybody who has any needs that could potentially be treated by sound therapy. Thanks for listening again. My name is Scott Toole, and this is my video entry to win the generatorX in the Spooky2 contest. Thank you, bye.

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