Spooky2 Success Reviews: The Life-Changing Holistic Healing Technique

Published on December 24, 2020 by Spooky2 Videos

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I ran the Spooky2 biofeedback scan. I already have gone to a doctor to find out what was wrong with me. Because as a youth, lots of drinking smoking and partying. So, I felt there must be something wrong with me, my genes could not be that good. So, I went to see a doctor to scan for cancer. They said there was nothing wrong with you. You don’t have cancer. You don’t have anything. He told me I am handsome too.
So, they told me I had nothing wrong. I came back to Spooky2. I ran the Spooky2 biofeedback scan, said I have lung cancer from smoking, liver cancer from drinking, and testicular cancer, which I realize it was from my cellphone being in my pocket? I don’t know how to get testicular cancer from my social agenda, but then I realize my phone was always in my pocket so that’s why. So, those are the 3 things I had to deal with. I also had a prescription for schizophrenia because I routinely hear voices and see things that aren’t there.
So, the greatest thing about Spooky2 is it’s eventually updated and has isolated this one compound that was in every cancer cell. By isolating and destroying it, it will shrink cancer anywhere in the body. So, I didn’t have to figure out which of the many lung cancer programs to run on me and then switch to liver cancer, etc. I could just run this one program, and take care of cancer everywhere, even places that might not have popped up at the top 10 results of the Biofeedback scan. So, that was the greatest thing I think of this year. Thank you for that.
Now, Spooky2 also has acupuncture, meridian protocols, and other alternative methods of healing now. I think that’s really cool. I also have Lyme. I run the Lyme Program on Remote. I have been doing that consistently. I still have floaters in my vision but I have only been running it for not quite a full year yet. I hear it supposed to take a while. Especially on Remote. Overall, I think it was the life-changing news when I found about Spooky2. I have told my friends about it. I have told doctors that I know about it. Anyone who would listen to me talk, I would tell them about Spooky2. Again, I am very thankful to you, to people in the Spooky2 Community. Not necessarily working behind the scenes for the software, but people who use it, post testimonials, and things they can do that they have done successfully. I think Spooky2 is a very nurturant healing environment. I think it’s really important to have, especially for times like these we are at now. That’s definitely something I am thankful for on this day of Thanksgiving.


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