Spooky2 Success Reviews: Spooky2 Reduced My Shingles and Virus With 48 Hours

Published on December 24, 2020 by Spooky2 Videos

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My Spooky2 story started in October last year. I ended up with testicular cancer. I had one of the testicles removed. I was a little worried about it coming back and creeping up. So, I was introduced to Spooky2 through a friend who had the Scalar boxes and the Phanotron tube. He’s got pretty much everything you could get. So, we started with the two Scalar boxes, 3 Remotes, hooked up with the GenX. I ran quite a few programs so far, honestly, I feel like about 10 years younger. I think the best one is collagen, lost most of my wrinkles. That’s a really good one. But recently, the best story is about 2 weeks ago, I had a spot of shingles. I didn’t quite know what it was straight away. I’ve done biofeedback using the digitizer and the Scalar boxes and it came up with chickenpox, zoster virus and shingles. So, I sat and ran that for 2 hours. I ran the reverse lookup. Just ran the programs for 2 hours. I ran the zoster and shingles. It was on a Saturday so I couldn’t really do anything with doctors. So, when it came to Monday, after running the zoster viruses, the shingles programs through Spooky2 Scalar and Remote, and had a detox on the Remote, the shingles on the Remote, and I did the biofeedback reverse lookup while sitting in the boxes. And I went to the doctors, and the doctor didn’t know what it was. Because Spooky2 had centralized the shingles to less than the size of a tennis ball on my back. It didn’t go anywhere else. When I went to the hospital, they took my blood and nothing came back in the blood test. So, I had cleared out the viruses within 24-48 hours. I couldn’t believe it. Straight away. Just making sure you get it early and leave it on. So, I had the Spooky2 Remote running still on Monday. I had them running for about 4 or 5 days after I found out what it was. I went to the hospital and they really didn’t know what it was at first. I had to get a phone call back from another doctor about 3 days later. I showed them before, after, and during pictures of the shingles and they said nothing showed up in the blood test, which was confusing for them. I will be honest: there isn’t one program on there that I have used that hasn’t work. It’s fantastic. It going to keep me going for a very long time. The other thing with the shingles, you get a lot of nerves pain, always on my right-hand side, especially near the back body. It’s shooting pain from all the way down and up. So, I ran some of the nerves stimulate through Spooky2 on the Remote and I run that for about 3 days. I am fine now. It was gone. I have no damage or pain. It was just amazing. We hooked them up in the conservatory room. We had the boxes set up so we would go in there. But now, we have put the boxes in the bedroom and we just put it on overnight. It was just fantastic. Sometimes, it is a little bit tricky for sleeping because it gives you so much energy. That’s my main story about shingles, but I’ve got many more. I’ve got a big one coming up. I’ve got really bad varicose veins in my legs. I’m trying my best to get them off. I’ve bought a Cold Laser Twin. I’ve tried them. I’ve got the PEMF coil. Trying that as well. It’s just me getting the time to get in the boxes and get it on the varicose veins. Get them shrunk down a bit. They are shrinking, but it’s really bad. So, it may take some time.


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