Spooky2 Success Reviews – Dr. Gary: Recover from Severe Gall Bladder Issues by Using Spooky2

Published on August 13, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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This is a story shared by Dr. Gary Cone who is an energy psychologist and also a licensed clinician.

His partner had severe gall bladder issues. It brought great inconvenience to his life. After using Spooky2 for a week, the stone completely disappeared and the pain completely disappeared.

Here is the script:

“My partner had severe gall bladder issues.

So we put him on the Spooky2 Remote. He lost 35 pounds and was in severe pain. Most of the time and was prolonging the surgery which the doctor tell him he needed to do.
We took him to the emergency room because he was in such severe pain.

And we were on vacation at the time and when we came home, we put him on the Remote.

And in a week, there was a gallstone in one of the tubes leading from the gall bladder
that eliminated the fluid for the fluid flow down and there was a stone in that dot.
Blocking the fluid and that was causing that paying and so within a week.

The stone was eliminated and he hasn’t had any trouble like that since then.”



  • Tracey Vincent 11 months ago

    I’m having gall bladder issues as well. It would be helpful to know what frequencies/programs were used?

    • Spooky2 Videos 11 months ago

      Hello, my friend. You can input “gallbladder” in our soft program, then select the one that suits your symptom. Or you tell us more details about your health problem, we will help you choose a suitable frequency program. Thank you!


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