Spooky2 Success Reviews – Dr. Gary: Free From Stage 4 Cataract and Severe Pain Using Spooky2

Published on August 24, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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This is a story shared by Dr. Gary. One of his clients was suffering from a severe stage 4 Cataract and another client was suffering from severe pain before. Just after trying Spooky2 for series sessions, They all recovered fully. And they just thought that was a miracle.

Here is the Script:

” I also had a client who had 4 stage cataracts
The ophthalmologist suggested that she have those surgically removed
And she wanted to try the Spooky2 equipment
And so we put her on series of five treatments on the Plasma Tube
As well as on the Remote
And about four weeks those cataracts were completely gone
She went back to the Doctor just to verify that
And there was no sign of cataracts and the other had
Just a little bit left
And she continued to take him back
And we did some more treatments enough that eyes clears well
I had another client who had fallen on the bicycle and their knees
And shoulder
And he had a lot of movement in that arm
So we put in both on the Plasma too
I think we did about six sessions on the Plasma
And also put him on the Remote
And within about three weeks he had full movement in his arm
He didn’t have any pain.
The miracle I think for him was
His knee as they had been hurting for quite some time
Especially when he drove off and he lived in a two stair house
And was difficult for him to go up and down the stairs
Because of his knee hurt
And in the process of treating his injury from the fall
He described it as it was like a band of energy
That started about these knee cap
And moved through his knee cap
And then below it took about two hours for that to occur
And he said the pain was pretty severe
But when I put it moved below the knee cap
He had no pain in his knee
He just had the sense that his knee was completely well
And probably a year since that occurred
He said has had no difficulty in driving
And he just thought that was a miracle”


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