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Published on October 12, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is used for direct GX scanning of biological samples (Urine, Saliva, Blood, nail powder, etc.). You can use Spooky2 Sample Digitizer to perform remote biofeedback scans. The instruction below shows you how to do a GX Sample Digitizer scan.

Step 1 Baseline

Baseline is a feature to improve the accuracy of your scan results.

First, place NOTHING between two slides.

Connect your Spooky2 Sample Digitizer to the Out 1 port of G1 or G2.

Then short press the Power button to turn on GX.

Launch the Spooky2 software.

Go to the Presets tab, select /Biofeedback /Sample Digitizer. You can see there are five presets. The first two presets are for Sample Digitizer biofeedback scan. The third preset is a ‘Hunt And Kill’ preset for the Spooky2 Sample Digitizer. This fourth preset sets the parameters used to create the SD entries of the main database. The last one is a ‘Scan And Run’ preset for Sample Digitizer. For effective treatments, we recommend using Plasma, Contact and Remote mode to run scan results.

If you want to know the difference between “Scan + Run” preset and “Hunt + Kill” preset, you could check this blog: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/scan-and-run-preset-vs-hunt-and-kill-preset/

You can choose Fine-Resolution Biofeedback Scan (SD) – JW preset or General Biofeedback Scan (SD) – JW preset to perform a simple scan. The longer scan duration time improves the accuracy of results.

Choose the preset, go to Control tab, click “Overwrite Generator” and choose your generator port (show to the audience the generator you choose and its port number on GX screen). Click “Baseline”, wait until the button beside “Baseline” turns green, which means the Baseline is finished.

Step 2 Do the Actual Scan

Put the liquid biological sample on one slide. Ensure the sample is placed in the black capital E.

Place the other slide on top. The two capital Es should be facing each other.

Clip the slides into the Digitizer.

Go to Control tab in Spooky2 software. Click “Scan” to start scan.

After you save your scan results, you can run the results using Plasma, Contact or Remote mode.

1. Spooky2 Sample Digitizer can only be used with GeneratorX.
2. Treatments using Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is an experimental function.
3. We suggest using Sample Digitizer Replacement Slides for optimum scan results.
4. You can use alcohol to clean Sample Digitizer Replacement Slides. Dry thoroughly before use.
5. Do not use the same Sample Digitizer Replacements Slides for different people.
6. You can use urine, saliva, blood, nail powder and biological samples (ie, Cancer cells) as the samples. Do not allow the tissue sample to dry. Replace the sample every day.

Thanks for watching this video. Do you have other questions about Spooky2 Sample Digitizer? Welcome to tell us!



  • Marianne Pike 4 years ago

    When you are running hunt and kill do you have to be in the same room as the GeneratorX?

    • Spooky2 Videos 4 years ago

      Hello, Marianne, if you are running sample digitizer, you don’t have to be next to GX.

  • TJN 4 years ago

    What is the difference between Fine Resolution Biofeedback and General Biofeedback, and why would I use one over the other? Thank you…

    • Spooky2 Videos 4 years ago

      The fine resolution has double the resolution, and does 2 samples/step and 3 loops, versus the less resolution of the general, 1 sample/step and 2 loops. The time for the fine is 2 hours, while the general is less than a half hour. So it comes down to do you need the finer resolution, and are you willing to pay the 4 times extra time to get that finer resolution. In general we suggest you use the general, but perhaps use the finer resolution when trying to find the frequency of substances over pathogens.

      • Carole 3 years ago

        I thought the scan was only supposed to take 6 minutes instead of one hour. What is the 6 minute scan?

        • Spooky2 Videos 3 years ago

          Hello Carole. Typically GenX BFB takes about 6 minutes to complete a scan while Spooky Pulse BFB takes about one hour to complete a scan. Spooky Pulse BFB takes longer to scan as it is detecting changes to the body’s pulse.


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