Spooky2 Reviews – Dr. Gary: Free From Gall Bladder Issue, Cataracts, and Heart Issues Using Spooky2

Published on August 28, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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This is a story shared by Dr. Gary Cone who is an energy psychologist and also a licensed clinician.

He had severe heart issues – irregularity of heartbeat or rapid heartbeat that had been bothering him for a long time. But he finally got rid of that after using Spooky2
Seven of his clients have recovered from serious illnesses by using Spooky2.

His partner had severe gall bladder issues. The stone was eliminated and he hasn’t had any trouble like that after using Spooky2.

2 clients who suffered from Arms, hand pain, and hip issues.
The Arms, hand pain has been eliminated after 6 sessions using Spooky2 Remote and Plasma.
Hip pain decreased within a week and he totally freed from the pain in six weeks

He also had a client who had stage 4 cataracts. After using plasma and remote, about four weeks those cataracts were completely gone.

Another client to had fallen on the bicycle. Then he can’t move at all. After 6 sessions using Spooky2 Plasma, he had full movement is of his arm and didn’t have any pain.
He had no difficulty in driving since then.

One of his clients who did the 11-day detox for the skin issue.

Her skin was completely cleared up after running Terrain protocol.

Dr. Gary Cone said:” Spooky2 is easy to use and the service is so great”.

He is satisfied with the Spooky2 Support team.



  • Fabienne Castagné 1 month ago

    Could Doctor Gary tell which programs he used to get rid of his bad heart issues ? Thanks.

    • Spooky2 Videos 1 month ago

      Hello Fabienne, we will contact with Doctor Gary in the near future. In this video, we could see that he used Remote and Central, maybe you could also have a try? Thanks for your positive feedback!

  • Fabienne CASTAGNE 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for your reply. We have a GX device, we would like to know which remote program he used to get rid or his bad heart issues.


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