Episode 37: Introducing GeneratorX

Published on January 29, 2018 by Spooky2 Videos

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Title: Introducing GeneratorX
Date: Friday, January 26, 2018
Time: 9:30 AM Nanjing, China (GMT+8.00)
SAMA Expert: John White

We are very happy and proud to announce exciting news. After two years hard work in research and development, we are presenting our new Spooky GeneratorX, which will be released on February 5th, 2018.

GeneratorX (GX) is a new entry in the Rife community. It is the world’s most powerful Rife generator, brimming with features. Each GX contains 2 function generators, each with 2 outputs and full biofeedback function. GX can run at 40 MHz with any waveform, and can also load up to 30 programs from Spooky to run standalone without a computer. How amazing is that!

More details coming soon…

If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to send us an email at SAMA@spooky2-mall.com.



  • Monika 2 years ago

    Very exciting!

  • Wim 2 years ago

    Is the power output higher than 20 V ?

  • Ingrid 2 years ago

    How very exciting! The Spooky2 System and all the amazing components so far, including the plasma, PEMF, and colloidal silver have over delivered, and I can’t wait to get this one and start working with it! The independence from the computer, and the incredible speed, accuracy and ease of process for the biofeedback will be a serious upgrade for my daily use of spooky2.
    Loading customized frequencies into my programs within 6 minutes, and without having to sit still the whole time will revolutionize my daily use of spooky2. Thank you for investing 2 years for making this happen!

  • Mary Cain 2 years ago

    Can one unit of generator x be used for 2 people or does one need 2 generator x’s for 2 people.?Also, what accessories are needed.

    • Spooky2 Videos 2 years ago

      Hello Mary, yes, one unit of GeneratorX can be used for 2 people. Also one generator of each person will be better, you could do the biofeedback scan and treatment at the same time for different poeple. 🙂

  • Gloria (Marilyn) Power 2 years ago

    Amazing !!! Amazing Bravo and may God Bless you for all your hard work. i am getting one as soon as I can as I have not had been able to do a successful bio feedback with my old generators.. I need this model as an older remedial user.:). Wonderful people.. Gloria


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