Proof that Spooky REMOTE Rife Works

Published on May 5, 2014 by Spooky2 Videos

Proof that Spooky REMOTE Rife Works.

This can be regarded as more than a mere testimonial. First, I don’t generally believe in these types of things and have just recently studied on some of the more hard scientific information regarding unknown energies. I tried the Rife frequency set for “vision to improve” the other day and was very surprised to see results that I could not deny. Those Rife frequencies were being transmitted through 2 dna holders via Spooky remote and the Spooky program and frequency generator. Yesterday, I wanted to try the same Rife frequency set for “vision to improve” while at the office which was 50 miles away. The Spooky Rife generator and Spooky Rife program were being run at my home. So I was physically located 50 miles away from the DNA remote holders. The Rife frequencies for “vision to improve” worked again. Before I was using a magnifying glass to read fine print on forms. Running the Rife frequencies for “vision to improve” I found I had no problem reading fine print at an arm’s length even when the fine print was a copy of a copy and not very clear. The remote Rife with the dna holders must be real. No way could this be a placebo, especially because I was skeptical.

Despite the low cost, this is maybe the best or at least one of the very best Rife machines available. The work of Royal Rife is still famous today, although exactly what Royal Rife did to achieve such outstanding results against cancer seems to elude most independent researchers. The theory of using frequencies to decrease, eliminate or harm microbes, viruses, bacteria and other
pathogens seems to good merit and many have claimed good results to varying degrees. The biggest drawback to a Rife machine that is customizable and can handle multiple frequencies and carrier waves has always been the cost. That is until now. The “Spooky2”, released in 2014 is now available. It is free software programs that drives an excellent quality frequency generator.
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