Jak wykonać srebro koloidalne używając generatora Spooky2 XM

Published on June 29, 2017 by Spooky2 Videos

Chcesz sam wykonać srebro koloidalne? Obejrzyj film i ucz się. Jeśli chcesz je mieć, przejdź do linku:



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  • DD 3 years ago

    Very good instruction. It is worth to mention about virus size which is up to 15ppm(sise of bateria is 60 ppm) It is better to produce coloidal silver 5-10ppm so the smoler coloidal silver parts will manage to get inside the viruses and kill them. Other important information if the silver parts are smoler then they will be flush out of the body which is important for people who wants drink it. High ppm parts like 20ppm can get in to brain and stay there as a heavy metals.


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