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Published on November 29, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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The right frequencies can work miracles. The problem is that too many people are using the wrong frequencies. And when you’re handicapped in this way, the result can only be failure. In the beginning, there were no known frequencies.

But now there exists a way to find the right frequencies for every subject, every time, in every situation. It’s called biofeedback, and it’s built into a handful of frequency machines. Spooky2 Pulse is used for biofeedback scan.

Spooky2 Pulse turns Spooky2 into a powerful investigative tool capable of finding those elusive correct frequencies by interrogating your own body for them, and then applying its own answers to deal with the problem. We call this personal scanning.

Spooky2 Pulse has another two tricks up its sleeve that will help you to achieve better results every time. The first of these is called program grading. This allows you to load any program, then very quickly input its frequencies to your body, one after another, while closely monitoring your body’s reaction to each one. When it’s done, Spooky2 creates a new program with all the same frequencies, but now ranked according to how beneficial they will be for you. You can save this program, and omit frequencies that will do little good, saving time and energy, and getting you to a better state of health faster.

Second, there’s optimize scanning. With this, you can load any program and treat with it. While this is happening, Spooky2 Pulse will sweep above and below each frequency in the program until it finds the exact value that works best for you.
Best of all, you can combine this with program grading to get a program with pinpoint frequency accuracy, with each frequency ranked according to how well it will work for you. No other biofeedback system available today offers these
extraordinary abilities.

Finally, it also allows you to muscle-test yourself quickly and reliably. Find out more information here.

So Spooky2 Pulse doesn’t just do scanning for pathogens – it gives you a whole scanning toolbox that enables you to find anomalous frequencies, evaluate database and third-party programs, and find the exact frequencies that will do the job quicker and more effectively.

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