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Published on December 14, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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GeneratorX (GX) is a new entry in the Rife community. It is the world’s most powerful Rife generator, brimming with features. Each GX contains 2 function generators, each with 2 outputs and full biofeedback function. GX can run at 40 MHz with any waveform, and can also load up to 30 programs from Spooky2 to run standalone without a computer.

1. The Differences between XM Generator and GeneratorX
GX was developed to have more features, like a higher frequency range, Modulation, high-speed gating and stand-alone operation, which allows you to run programs without a computer. It is our top-of-the-line generator, and will not replace our popular and economical XM generator.

2. GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan
GX changes the rules for biofeedback entirely. A biofeedback scan which takes an hour with Spooky2 Pulse now takes just about 7 minutes. Even less if you do not need to measure both current and phase angle. No more sitting (or lying) down forever, waiting for a biofeedback scan to complete. GX uses state-of-the-art components and ingenious circuit design to accurately monitor the current and phase angle of signals all the way up to 40 MHz. So you can really see what is happening in your body.

3. Brief Introduction to GeneratorX
This is Spooky2 GeneratorX. Connect the power adapter. This is the power button. Short press the power button to turn on GeneratorX.

This is Out1 and Out2 ports of Generator 1(G1). This is Out1 and Out2 ports of Generator 2(G2).

The G1 button is to control Generator1. The G2 button is to control Generator2. This button is used for going up and down to choose the program you need. Please note that you can only see programs here if you load them into GeneratorX first.

The Start button is to start your treatment. The Loop button is used to loop the program you choose. Press this button and the program will be continuously running until you manually stop it. The Stop button is to stop the running program.

GeneratorX can be used with all modes, including Spooky2 Central, Spooky2 Plasma, Spooky2 Remote, Spooky2 Contact, PEMF Coil, and Cold Laser.

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