Installing the Spooky2 Software and Drivers for the First Time

Published on December 1, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

This video is for beginners telling you how to download the Spooky2 software and installing the drivers. Download here:

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Hello, in this video, I will show you how to install Spooky2 software and the drivers.
First, go to
Click “Downloads” here.
If you download Spooky2 software for the first time, click “Spooky2?Starter Pack”.
If it’s not the first time, click “Spooky2 Full Installer”. It’s downloading now.
When it’s completed, click it to unzip the file. In this Starter’s Pack, you can see Spooky2 Quick Guide, Spooky2 Resources, Spooky2 Setup, and Spooky2 User’s Guide.
Double Click Spooky2 Setup to install Spooky2 software. Select “English” and click “OK”. Click “Next” to continue. Choose “YES – I Accept the terms of the License Agreement” and click “Next”. Spooky2 will be installed in the C Drive by default. When you see this window pop up, please wait for the installation. When it’s done, click “Yes” to launch Spooky2 software.
It shows “no generators were detected. Exit and install driver”. Click Yes to install the driver.
Now you can launch Spooky2 software on the desktop. It shows one generator is detected.
If your generator still can’t be detected, you can install the drivers in the software. I will teach you how to install the drivers now.
If you use XM – generator, click – Utils – Install Spooky2-XM Drivers and follow the instruction. If you use GeneratorX, click – Install GeneratorX Drivers.
Then, click – Utils – Rescan devices and you can see your generators are detected. You can use Spooky2 software now.
Do you have other questions about this video? Welcome to tell us.

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