Important Notes When Making Colloidal Silver Using Spooky2

Published on April 26, 2018 by Spooky2 Videos
1. The quality of CS will increase if it is made slowly. It can take more than a day to make a truly great batch.

2. Use cold water. Hot water will speed up the process but the particle size will increase.

3. Stir the water every hour to ensure the silver particles are evenly distributed.

4. When the CS solution is ready it may become a light yellow/golden color. This indicates a very small particle size. You can shine a laser light in the solution and see a visible red line, indicating microscopic silver particles in suspension.

5. Store the CS solution in a dark glass container. Plastics and ultra violet light from the sun may cause the silver ions to lose their positive charge and clump together, losing their ability to heal.


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