How to Use Spooky2 Cold Laser (Updated Version)

Published on April 2, 2022 by Spooky2 Videos

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Hello everyone, this video will show you how to use Spooky2 cold laser devices from hardware connection to software operation.

Preparation: Cold Laser Wrist, Cold Laser Twin, XM Generator, 5 Volt Power Supply

Firstly, we plug the power cord directly into XM. Then we connect the cold laser twin into OUT1 of the Spooky2 XM generator. Use silicon covers to wrap the cold laser twin.

Then, let’s take Cold Laser Wrist as another example. The connection for cold laser wrist is the same as cold laser twin. And the white band is used to extend the cable of cold laser wrist, and you can use it for other body parts, like back, leg, and so on.

Now, we can turn on the generator, and start the software.

Here we will run an Acne program as an example.

On the control tab, there is a pink square button with number 5 that means the spooky2 XM generator was found.

Now we go back to the preset tab and choose preset. There are 2 ways to choose a present.
First, we click Miscellaneous — Spooky2 Cold Laser Acne (L) – JW, then go to the control tab, tick “overwrite generator”. Next click the square button, and click the start button.

The second way is to choose “shell empty” preset first, go to the program tab, and enter “Acne” as keywords to search program.
Then go to the control tab, tick “overwrite generator”, and click the square button. Finally, click the start button.

The red button becomes green, which means the program is running. And cold laser twin or wrist should be light.

Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin can be inserted directly into our nostrils, ear, navel, or acupuncture points (meridians). Placing the lasers further from the target can treat larger areas.

Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist is primarily designed to be strapped into the underside of your wrist. With a white band, it can be used for belly, back, leg, and so on.

During treatment, please wear glasses to protect your eyes.


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