How to Use GeneratorX Standalone

Published on July 15, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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This video will show you how to use GeneratorX standalone mode. This video is for software version 20190701 and above.

Step 1: Load Programs into GeneratorX.
First, connect GeneratorX to your computer. Open GeneratorX.
Open Spooky2 software.
Then, choose a shell preset and programs you need.
Go to Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator” and choose a generator port.
Both G1 and G2 are okay.
Click “Load”, double click a slot and you will see the names of all programs you choose here.
You can overwrite an existing program if you like.
Edit the name to something meaningful, click “Save”.
Now a program has been loaded to your GeneratorX.
Note: You could load 30 programs at most into GeneratorX.
If you want to clear a memory location, choose it, and click “Delete” button before saving.
Close Spooky2 software, and disconnect GeneratorX with your computer.

Step2: Run Programs in Standalone Mode
Connect Remote and Boost to one generator of GeneratorX.
Put DNA sample into Remote.
Press “G1” button and you will see all programs you loaded into GeneratorX.
Use “Up” and “Down” button to select the program you need.
Press “Start” button.
When you see this screen shows up, press “loop” button.
“Running” means the program is running now.
Now, this program will be continuously running until you manually stop it.

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  • Millowena 2 years ago

    Very good video!
    A BIG cursor arrow would be VERY helpful to those if us with poor eyesight!
    Thank you!!

    • Spooky2 Videos 2 years ago

      Hello Millowena, our team is always trying to offer better service. If you have any further advice, please let us know.


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