How to Run Your Scan Results

Published on May 10, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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In this video we will show you how to run your scan results. This video is for software version April 15, 2019 and above.




  • Kristen 4 years ago

    Can you analyse by angle and current, then save those scan results and run them, or should you only run the initial scan results?

    • Spooky2 Videos 4 years ago

      Yes, you can analyze by angle and current, then save those scan results and run them, Kristen. We suggest you combine the results to see which means is more accurate for you.

  • Byron 4 years ago

    I think its great you do videos . I have not been able to use the digital scan due to the confusion on various videos of how to do it . I would like to suggest that a new video be done showing how to do the entire process from hardware set up on GX to how to use the new software,with baseline in detail, along with how to download the program,so that the process can be understood from beginning to end. I want to use it properly.

  • Ricky Martin 4 years ago

    “How to Run Your Scan Results Video” To run the Scan Results back on yourself , in the video you did not said that the run back could be run back by Scalar, you only said Contact, Remote, and Plasma, so did you just forget to said Scalar? and also is there ever an amount of time that should be for the run back?

    • Spooky2 Videos 4 years ago

      Hello Ricky, The results can also run by Scalar, you just go to the preset tab and choose Spooky Scalar General (SS) – JW, then it will work! thank you!

  • Bea 3 years ago

    I am assuming that when you run the hunt and kill that you are choosing the generator for the remote and not the DNA. Correct?

    • Spooky2 Videos 3 years ago

      Hello, my friend. The Hunt and Kill is a kind of preset. Hunt&Kill preset begins with a short biofeedback scan. The hits are then run on an allocated generator. In the subsequent scan/run cycles, the previous hits are re-analyzed. Pathogens which are mutated are found and hit again. It does not matter how far the pathogens run. They will be found. And they will become targets. This preset keeps refining the first scan results and runs automatically until it is manually stopped or no hits are detected.


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