How to Run Terrain Protocol BY Using One Generator

Published on December 7, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos – This video shows how to run Terrain Protocol BY using one generator. Terrain protocol is the start of the Morgellons Protocol. It treats you from the small up to the large and helps you to detox from flukes, parasites to heavy metals and other things.

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  • Ron Phillips 3 years ago

    What if you want to run the Terrain program using one generator with remotes for the 11 days constant run?

    • Spooky2 Videos 3 years ago

      Dear Ron Phillips,if you are running Remote mode, don’t worry, it will run the preset continuous. If you’re running preset chain automatically, click the options and make the ‘Repeat Chain’ = 0. Then it will run the preset continuous.

  • Paula baptista 1 year ago

    How can I pair an xm generator with a generator x on the same computer
    I would like to run the x alone without a computer
    The book is very ambiguous
    I turned it on and all,I saw were numbers for the programs and no names
    Very frustrating


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