How to Run G1 and G2 at the Same Time

Published on August 11, 2020 by Spooky2 Videos

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Hello everyone, this video will show how to run G1 and G2 of GeneratorX at the same time.

We can connect one spooky2 boost to G1, and one spooky2 remote to the BN port of the spooky2 boost. Then we can connect another spooky2 boost to G2, and connect tens cable to the high power port of the spooky2 boost. The hand cylinder should be connected to tens cable.

Now, we need to turn on Spooky2 GeneratorX and start spooky2 software.

On the control tab, there are 2 red square buttons with numbers 6 and 7. Please check the display screen of Spooky2 GeneratorX that says Port 6 is G1 and Port 7 is G2.

We want to run a detox preset by spooky2 remote, so we choose Detox — Remote — Detox Maintenance (R) – JK. Then go to the control tab, tick “overwrite generator”, we choose port 6 because it is G1 with spooky2 remote. Finally, click the start button.

Now, we back to the preset tab and run a cold program on G2.

Click Shell ( empty ) Presets — Contact — Healing (C) – JW, go to the Programs tab, enter ” Cold ” as keywords to search program, and double click the Cold 1. Next, go to the control tab, tick “overwrite generator”, and click Port 7. Finally, click the start button.

Two buttons are green and it means G1 and G2 are running at the same time.

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