How to Imprint Frequencies Using PEMF Coil

Published on August 23, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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This video will show you how to imprint frequencies using PEMF coil.

First, connect PEMF coil to out1 port of your generator.

Connect the generator to your computer.

Open your generator.

Second, put the liquid you want to imprint into on the PEMF coil.

For example, you want to imprint a glass of water.

You can put the glass of water on the PEMF coil. BN side should face the glass.

Third, open Spooky2 software.

Go to Presets tab, click Shell (Empty) Presets/Spooky Coil (Generator Direct) – JW.

Go to Programs tab. For example, if you want to imprint Schumann frequencies into water. You can search “Schumann” here, and choose Schumann Resonance.

Note: We suggest that you run healing programs with a total frequency count of less than around 8.

Go to Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator”, and choose the generator port.

Click “Start” to begin imprinting.

Wait one or two days, and you could drink the water with Schumann frequencies.

Please notice that high frequencies should restructure the water in one or two hours and very low frequencies like Schumann Resonance may take a day or two.

You could also put medicine, tinctures into a test tube or small container and place it in the coil which is resting flat on a table.

Have you tried imprinting frequencies? How do you feel? Comment below and share with us!



  • vince hope 4 years ago

    That procedure takes way too long. 1-2 days?? WOW. Is there a way to speed up the process?? Would it be faster using Boost? Laser?

    • User Avatar
      Spooky2 Videos 4 years ago

      Hello, you can use higher frequencies, and it will take less time. You can also use the cold laser, which is faster and can imprint a larger quantity in less time.

  • Johny 4 years ago

    How do I use cold laser to imprint frequency

  • James Hains 3 years ago

    Many of the spooky2 videos that I receive as e mails play for about 45 seconds and get stuck, if I wait long enough some will play others won’t. I have high speed internet and nothing else buffers except spooky2 videos, so I’m assuming there is some problem at your end , or somewhere in between. Just. wanted to let you know there is an issue. Love my spooky2, use it everyday. Mahalo from Hawaii

    • User Avatar
      Spooky2 Videos 3 years ago

      Hello James, thanks for telling us! We will let the technical team check it later.

  • Chris Apao 3 years ago

    you said…”You could also put medicine, tinctures into a test tube or small container and place it in the coil” It sounds like you want to put the item you want to imprint FROM, on the coil. How does it pick up from the medicine or tinctures, and where does it go? Is it directed to the remote? You certainly would not want to mess with medicine and tinctures that are already made. So? Does this mean it also acts like a radionics unit? How is this possible?
    Thanks for helping my confusion


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