How to Get Better Results from the Pulse Finger Sensor

Published on August 16, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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To get better results from the Pulse Finger Sensor, here are 5 tips you could try:

1. Select the left hand as the pulse is stronger on this side.

2. Wear on the middle finger as the circulation is usually best here.

3. Ensure the black side of the sensor is on the top of your finger where the nail grows.

4. There are two dimples inside the sensor, top, and bottom. Make sure these are touching flesh and not nail. Generally, people feel the scan results are better if you insert your finger to the point that the tip of your finger is protruding slightly out the top of the sensor. Some others feel that the very end of the finger is better. You could also try to decide which part works better for you.

5. When under a scan, try to let the left hand and fingers rest in a natural state. Trying to keep your hand too still or trying to flatten it out, will sometimes cause tension which can contribute to data read errors.

We suggest you let your hand rest as it would look if you were just walking down the street, the natural curve of the hand and fingers while at rest.


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