How to Do Foot Bath Using Spooky2 Hand Cylinders

Published on August 29, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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This video will show you how to do foot bath using Spooky2 Hand Cylinders.

First, connect Spooky2 boost to your generator.

Then, connect Spooky2 Hand Cylinders to boost with TENs cable.

Connect your generator to the computer.

Connect the power adapter to the generator.

Open your generator.

Second, fill a bucket 1/4 full with warm water.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Place one Spooky2 Stainless Hand Cylinder in the water. Do not allow the other end of Hand Cylinder connected with TENs Cable to touch the water.

Third, place both your feet in the water.

Hold the other Spooky2 Stainless Hand Cylinder with your hands.

Note: If you have 2 buckets, you could place a Hand Cylinder inside each one. Place one foot in each bucket.

Then, open Spooky2 software.

Go to Presets tab, click /Detox /Contact, and choose “Footbath (C) – JW”.

Go to Control tab, click “Overwrite Generator” and choose your generator port.

Click “Start” button to begin foot bath.

The total duration is about 44 minutes.

Thanks for watching this video. Have you tried hot foot bath? How do you feel? Comment below and share with us!


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