How to Do a Refine Program Scan with GX

Published on April 24, 2020 by Spooky2 Videos

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How to Do Refine Programs Scan with GX

Hello, in this video, we will show you how to do a refine programs scan using GeneratorX.

Hardware Part:
First, we plug the power adapter into GeneratorX and the other end goes into its power source. Then we connect USB cable to GX and the computer.
Insert the square end into the side of Generatorx and the USB end into the computer. You can connect TENS cable to the OUT 1 port of G1 or G2.
Here we connect it to the OUT 1 port of G1. Next, we plug the TENS pads into the tens cable. Now we are ready to place the pads. I want to refine the diarrhea program, so I put TENS Pads around my belly.

Software Part:
Launch Spooky2 software. Go to Presets tab, click – Biofeedback – GeneratorX – GX Refine Programs (C) – JW. Go to Programs tab and search “diarrhea”, I choose Diarrhea (CAFL). Then go to Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator” and choose the port for G1 (show the audience). Click “Scan” button. You can see the count down is going now. The software will scan frequencies one by one and find out the refined frequencies for me. Now here comes the scan results. Click “Save” button and enter a name, “Scan Refined Diarrhea”. Click “Save” button and click “Yes”. Okay, now you can find it in Programs tab. Go to Programs tab, tick only “BFB” and you will find your refined scan result here. Thanks for watching this video!

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  • Maria-Paz Body 3 years ago

    Hi, would you please tell me what’s the difference between a Refine Program Scan and the Optimize one? Thank you for your answer

    • Spooky2 Videos 3 years ago

      Hello Maria.
      Refine Program Scan: GeneratorX is very fast. This allows us to set the Samples/Step variable. Each frequency will be inspected twice, further increasing accuracy.
      Optimize Scans increase the accuracy of programs by finding the exact frequencies to apply instead of nice rounded integers.
      These two kinds of scans are better for accuracy. The main difference is that when we know what’s wrong with us, like a cold, and then scan the cold to the exact frequency. In this situation, optimize scan is a better choice. When we don’t know which kind of disease we have, refine scan may give us help.

  • Terry 2 years ago

    Can you keep on refining the same scan result every few days instead of Biofeedback scan? When do you stop refining?

    • Spooky2 Videos 2 years ago

      Hello Terry, we recommend that you could try Hunt&Kill preset and it begins with a short biofeedback scan. The hits are then run on an allocated generator. In the subsequent scan/run cycles, the previous hits are re-analyzed. Pathogens that are mutated are found and hit again. It does not matter how far the pathogens run. They will be found. And they will become targets. This preset keeps refining the first scan results and runs automatically until it is manually stopped or no hits are detected.

      • Terry 2 years ago

        I tried Hunt and Kill but it wasn’t effective in my case. How long can you keep on Refining the same scan?

        • Spooky2 Videos 2 years ago

          Hello Terry. Initially, the first scan of the Hunt & Kill finds 10 or so pathogens and then proceeds to treat them. After the treatment, the next scan refines the first 10 frequencies, so a full scan is not done, but instead Spooky is looking for adaptations or mutations that the pathogen may have done to evade the treatment. When you have further questions about biofeedback scan, please send an email to our support team:


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