How to Create a Preset Chain

Published on December 11, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

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Presets are programs and parameters that have been saved to a file. Chained presets are sequences of presets. We can add one preset to another and then to another, so we can run several presets in one generator. In this video, we will talk about what is the preset chain and how to create a preset chain.

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  • glen 4 years ago

    Slow down, your talking and going to fast for some of us in these video’s.

  • Tamara 10 months ago

    I didn’t understand what you said about the age factor and what it is useful for.

    • Spooky2 Videos 10 months ago

      Hello Tamara, we could use the age factor to see quickly if our preset chain works as we wanted. For example in this video, we want the acne preset to run 8 hours and detox preset to run 16 hours and hope these two presets could repeat twice. If we didn’t use the age factor, it would take a long time to run the whole process. With the age factor we don’t need to waste time and check quickly. Amazing, isn’t it?

      • Harsheela 5 months ago

        Hi u r not explaining age factor well. Do we always choose 1000?

        • Spooky2 Videos 5 months ago

          Hello, sorry for the late reply. The answer is No. Age Factor is just for debugging your presets, to see if they behave the way you want for long-running presets. When you treat yourself, Age Factor should be 1.


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