How to Change the Dwell Time of Frequencies

Published on August 9, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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This video will show you how to change the dwell time of frequencies. This is for software version 20190805 and above.

There are two ways to change the dwell time of frequencies.

1. Create a whole new frequency program and specify the dwell you want to use on a per frequency or overall basis.

Click /File /Create Program. Enter your program name here.
For example, I want to create my program for helping with cancer. I enter “Cancer Common Use – Jake”. And enter all frequencies I need here.

The default dwell time for each frequency is 180s. There’s a demand =xxx for changing dwell time. For any frequencies, you can specify different dwells from the default you want applied to the rest. Just type an equal sign followed by the dwell in seconds. For example, I would like to run 568 Hz for 600 seconds, 1829 Hz for 200 seconds. I can type like this 568=600, 1829=200

2. Use the dwell multiplier feature on the programs page to multiply the dwells by a common factor.

For instance, let’s say the programs have a default dwell of 180 seconds and I want to have it run for 5 minutes. I can use a dwell multiplier of 2 and settle for 6 minutes or use a dwell multiplier of 1.6665 to run for 5 minutes. 4.9995 to be exact.


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