FLEAS Totally Gone! Spooky2, 2750 hertz

Published on March 23, 2015 by Spooky2 Videos

FLEAS Totally Gone! Spooky2, 2750 hertz.

This is the second time I tried this method to totally eliminate the fleas on a cat. The first time I tried this method to get rid the fleas on the cat was with Rocky and that was in March 2014. I found Goldie in later Nov 2014 and he was outside for the first 5 months of his life and he must have picked up fleas outside as a kitten and then brought the fleas inside the house. Of course that caused the other 2 cats to pick up the fleas.

Fleas are tough to get rid of. All fleas were eliminated last time when I tried this method of using frequency 2750 hertz back in March 2014. But since Goldie came inside as a kitten, in late November 2014, new fleas were brought in from outside. The last time, in early 2014, I had very hard time in getting rid of the fleas and nothing was working to kill the fleas. That is when I got the idea of placing a fleas in the Spooky2 mobius coil and and trying the scalar Rife remote device.

I had already heard the frequency 2750 hertz will kill fleas but I never heard of anyone using the method of the mobius coil and Rife scalar remote. It did work extremely well and eliminated all the leas from the house and the cats. Since it seemed too incredible to be true, although I was very happy with the results, I had lingering doubts Did it really did work or was it just a fluke or coincidence? But this is the second time this method worked to give stellar results in getting rid of a persistent flea problem.



  • Maria Phelan 2 years ago

    This flea video said he used a Mobius Coil but I can not see that name anywhere on your site. Is there another name for the coil.

    • Spooky2 Videos 2 years ago

      Hello, this is an old vision of our Scalar, if you are interested in this coil, please send an email to our support team at support@spooky2-mall.com and we could offer you more choice against fleas.


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