Episode129: Prevention and Reversal of Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer Disease

Published on November 22, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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We are delighted to have Dr. Dale Bredesen as our guest expert in this week’s episode.

Episode 129: Prevention and Reversal of Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer Disease
Date: November 21, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM Nanjing, China (GMT+8.00)
SAMA Expert: Dr. Dale Bredesen

During this interview, Dr. Bredesen stressed that genes only affect the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but other factors play a larger part. He looks at each person as an individual, and determines what lifestyle changes or treatments benefit them.

When we are trying to determine the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, we should know that Alzheimer’s disease is the response. Some risk factors, such as APOE4 and synaptoblastic and synaptoclastic imbalance may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep, diet, medication and brain function exercise can also play important roles. Alzheimer’s disease is the response of many risk factors. Dr. Bredesen and his group developed ReCODE Protocol, which can not only slow cognitive decline, but also reverse it. He shared the background story of the development of the ReCODE Protocol, and gave advice on how to avoid developing Alzheimer’s altogether. His recommendations included lifestyle changes and fasting.

The ReCODE Protocol led to the discovery of subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease and the reversal of symptoms in patients with MCI and Alzheimer’s disease. We believe you will get inspiration from this week’s SAMA. Enjoy this knowledge-filled episode!

Visit Dr. Bredesen’s website: https://www.apollohealthco.com/dr-bredesen/
To get Dr. Bredesen’s Book The End of Alzheimer’s Disease: https://amzn.to/2OxYRiE

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