Episode 109: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): How To Avoid The Dangers

Published on July 8, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

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We are delighted to have John White as our guest expert in this week’s episode.

Episode 109: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): How To Avoid The Dangers
Date: Friday, July 5, 2019
Time: 9:00 PM Nanjing, China (GMT+8.00)
SAMA Expert: John White

During this interview, John White will share:
1. Dangers you need to know about EMFs
2. How can we protect ourselves from EMFs

If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to send us an email at SAMA@spooky2-mall.com.



  • Barbara Silano 5 months ago

    Mosquito nets are a cool way of have children? I listened to this ten times then you say something about impregnating I have no idea what your saying can you clarify this?

    • Dean Mindock 2 months ago

      I think John is talking about netting that has thin silver wires in the fabric. Copper wires are sometimes used too. The wires intercept the EMF and drastically reduce the energy level of EMF incoming. There are sites that sell complete lines of netting, clothing, filters, to protect the body. http://www.lessemf.com

  • Gary Porter 5 months ago

    Please let me know of a case LINK that shows spooky2 killing prostate cancer. So far I haven’t found anyone who has been successful
    Captain Gary

  • Barbara Silano 5 months ago

    I wrapped my smart meter with aluminum and a faraday cage.

  • Richard Kurkowski 5 months ago

    I am happy I found snoopy 2. Another avenue to help our bodies help themselves. A couple years ago scanning the web I found Clayton Nolte and naturalactiontech.com the same way I found snoopy. Clayton after years of study and research founded his company to promote structured water. Since water has memory structuring it helps to erase the memory of toxins in the water. He says EMF’s are also like chemical toxins which can be erased by structuring the water. Structuring has other benefits also. It reduces the size of the clusters of water molecules making it more efficient for the mitochondria. It helps raise the brix reading in fruits and vegetables making it more nutritious and it is P/H neutral.


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