Amplitude Modulation Preset

Published on January 3, 2020 by Spooky2 Videos

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In this video, John’s going to talk about the true amplitude modulation preset, which has been designed specifically for GeneratorX. Unfortunately, the XM generator does not have the hardware that’s required to run a modulation signal.
If you search for “modulation” in the Presets tab, the preset will come up. Select the preset by clicking on it. Now this is a shell preset, so after selecting this preset, you must load programs into it. I have a demonstration program, which I’ve now loaded. Then you just choose a generator to run the preset on and press “start”. I have an oscilloscope connected to the generator, so we can see the outputs. This is the voltage output that the generator is producing at this very high frequency. Because the program frequency is so high, the waveform looks a little bit funny. If we choose a lower program frequency, then you can see there are more wave cycles for each modulation cycle. If we zoom out, we can see the wave forms here. Now this is a true amplitude modulation. This is an alternative to a very expensive hardware which they call the Bedini pump wave. Now we can change the way that the amplitude modulation is carried out. If we alter the offset of Output 2, and we restart the generator using the new parameters. Then we get a totally different waveform. The modulation is equal, both top and bottom. So GeneratorX is capable of doing true amplitude modulation in hardware in the modulation frequency is fixed. If you go to the Settings tab, you can see that it’s fixed at 3.1 mega-hertz. You can alter that if you like. This ends the tutorial of the preset.
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  • Dean Mindock 4 years ago

    Which type of modulation is more effective in killing pathogens, the amplitude or carrier method?


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