Zappering, the Spooky Way

Published on April 19, 2018 by Spooky2 Videos
Most people think that using electricity to heal is a recent innovation, but electricity was used in conjunction with acupuncture back in 1890. A little before this (2000 years to be more precise) batteries were discovered that researchers think may have been used for acupuncture and to anesthetize skin prior to surgery.

Flash forward to the 1920s, when a brilliant scientist called Royal Rife found that nasty viruses and bacteria could be quickly destroyed if the correct frequency and application method is used. To this day we are struggling to repeat his success.

More recently Dr. Hulda R. Clark developed simpler and cheaper methods of applying frequencies to the body. She wrote the book “The Cure of all Diseases” and several other titles. Her research was focused on low technology solutions to often very serious illnesses.

Dr Clark believed that parasites are destroyed if a weak pulsing DC is applied, so she developed the “zapper”. These zappers typically run off 9 volts and use primitive electronics. They are safe because the amount of current that enters the body is low and Dr Clark recommends a maximum treatment time of 7 minutes. The pulsing DC frequency is not very important. Many people believe that zappers should run at 15 Hz. Others argue that higher frequencies of around 33 kHz are more effective. Good quality zappers often have a selection of frequencies to select from.

Spooky can very easily be turned into an advanced Zapper. The waveform is more effective than a simple pulsed DC. And we have included it into our preset. You can directly run the Zapper-BY preset in Spooky2.

For greater safety we recommend using the “Colloidal Silver” output of Spooky Boost. A safety resistor limits the current to very safe levels.

My personal view is that zappers have limited effectiveness. Dr Clark died in 2009 from cancer. Zappers may work for many medical issues, but they should be used in conjunction with several other protocols and lifestyle changes.

The future of electrical healing lies in the past. Plasma. We will be talking about the medical use of plasma and a brilliant scientist in an upcoming blog.


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