Spooky2 Software: February 2017 Version of Spooky2

Published on January 31, 2017 by Spooky2 Videos

This video shows 6 of the improvements made in this version of Spooky:

  • Improved generator slave control.
  • Delay before start option.
  • Option to select a Preset without loading the frequencies within the Preset.
  • Biofeedback scan results can be reloaded.
  • Odd harmonics have been added in the already extensive list of harmonic types.
  • A new Base Pair database.

The importance of the Base Pair database cannot be over-emphasised. Over 10,000 programs are included. Instead of using generic program sets that “may” work for your ailment, you can now choose precise sets that have been calculated using the dimensions of the target genome.

For free.

Spooky2 has the largest database of any Rife system on the planet. We are continually striving to improve Spooky, and have many exciting developments on the horizon.

Enjoy the new features of Spooky2, and take control!


  • Charles Calvin 2 years ago

    Wow ! Fantastic improvements
    Thanks Again for the best software and hardware yet

  • Awesome Possum 2 years ago

    OH MY!!!!

    THANK YOU TO ALL THE SOULS WHO HELP BIRTH SPOOKY2 benefits to the rest of the world!~

  • Jacek K. 2 years ago

    You People are great. KEEP DOING!! Thanks a lot to all PEOPLE BEHIND .

  • Roman 2 years ago

    Good job, thank you John and the Team.

  • Beulah 2 years ago

    Thank you – for you unselfis – devotion to your cause- of helping healing within a helpless society – that has woken up to taking control.

    God Bless


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