Spooky2 Central Plasma, Rife for Advanced Cancer

Published on December 6, 2017 by Spooky2 Videos

Spooky2 Central Plasma, Rife for Advanced Cancer.
It’s very easy to setup the Spooky2 Central Plasma Rife machine for the advanced cancer settings since the presets are already programmed into the software. You simply need to just choose the ‘advanced cancer’ under the plasma menu and have your hardware all plugged in to run the plasma bulb. When Royal Rife discovered cancer viruses with his Rife microscope, he also found that there were two frequencies that will destroy all types of cancers. Those two frequencies are 1,604,000 hertz and 1.530,000 hertz. John White has pre-programmed the Spooky2 software to run both those cancer destroying frequencies, with feathering and also a 4 hertz gating effect to both have more cancer destroying properties and keep the plasma bulb running cooler.


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