How to Run Morgellons and Lyme Protocol with Spooky2 Remote

Published on December 15, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

This section is for those who wish to run this Protocol in Remote Mode because a) they seek thorough disinfection, or b) they are Morgellons/Lyme sufferers who have no other viable choice. This timetable is for those using four generators. Those with two generators should use the presets and settings for Generator 1 and Generator 4, marked with blue headers.

There are methods A and methods B:

Method A: this way of doing it takes longer but puts the emphasis on effectiveness by running multiple instances of the same preset at the same time, with each generator’s start time offset by five minutes (NO OFFSET with two generators from R05 on).

Method B: this next way only works for four generators, not for two. It gets you through the Protocol faster because it uses different presets on each generator from R02 onwards. Although it won’t be as thorough and heavy-duty as Method A, it will be more effective than previous versions of this Protocol. Subscribe us for the latest information about Spooky2 rife machine and natural ways for your health.

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