How to Build Your Own Preset from a Shell Empty Preset

Published on November 21, 2016 by Spooky2 Videos

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Hello, this video will show you how to build your own preset from a shell empty preset. As we know, there are three types of presets in Spooky2 software, factory presets, shell presets and user presets.
Factory preset includes software settings and programs. Shell preset only has software settings. User preset is your own created preset.

Now let me show you how to build your own preset. First, we choose a shell preset. For example, I choose Remote, Healing JW, then go to the programs tab. I choose abdominal pain. You can also change settings in the options here or in the settings tab. For new users, we suggest using the default settings.

We go back to the presets tab to save this preset and click the save button. You can see it is saved under the user folder. You can also create a new folder for the remote. Double click to open the folder, name your preset and click save.

We go to the user directory, click remote, you can see your created preset. You can choose it, then go to the control tab, tick overwrite generator. Choose the generator and click start to run your own preset.
Ok, thanks for watching this video.


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  • duncan 3 years ago

    but how do you create a multiple user preset…that is with more than one item in it as in your other presets? where is there a video on that?


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