Healing with Frequencies – Spooky2 & Rife

Published on June 11, 2018 by Spooky2 Videos

Healing with Frequencies – based on the discoveries of Dr Royal Raymond Rife.

Learn about Dr Rife and how he started looking into the possibilities of healing using specific frequencies from 1915 … and how he was able to *cure* people from all kinds of disease and illness in many countries.

This presentation is an Introduction to Spooky2, explains some of the current technology that uses Rifes discoveries – and how we can use it to help ourselves and others.

This presentation was held on 14th May 2018, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Spooky2!

The presenter is not a medical practitioner and is not affiliated with Spooky2, and does not receive any financial rewards or benefits from them. This information is presented so you have more information at your disposal to make better informed decisions on how to improve your health.

Note: the computer program screen shots shown in the video is not synchronized with the presentation – but shows some of the screens of the Spooky2 software.

For more info, visit: www.3rdmillenniumtech.com & www.spooky2.com



  • Joe 1 year ago

    I wish the audio was better, too much echo in the room. I know I’m missing a great video.

  • Patti Del Vecchio 10 months ago

    Very good, in-depth information, thank you so much for this!


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