[Coffee Time] 10 Exciting Winning Moments You Never Wanna Miss

Published on April 10, 2019 by Spooky2 Videos

In the episode of Coffee Time 15, many people participated in the activity of answering questions and winning prizes online, and all the participants enjoyed it very much. 10 of the lucky viewers won the prizes.

TOP10 Winners:

👉1. Cecily Bourrelly: Starter’s kit
2. Ingrid Dinter: Mini Magic
3. Janie Love: Mini Magic
4. Paula Quenelle: Colloidal silver kit
5. Rau Heru: Colloidal silver kit
6. Suzi Smith: Colloidal silver kit
7. Richard Hesketh: Souvenir kit
8. Peter Liu: Souvenir kit
9. Steven Hocurscak: Souvenir kit
10. Nick Dewey: Souvenir kit


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