Can Spooky Central Emit Multiple Simultaneous Frequencies?

Published on October 7, 2017 by Spooky2 Videos – By it’s very nature, plasma from any machine produces many frequencies simultaneously. Plasma is a non-linear aerial. During each frequency cycle, the electrical characteristics of the plasma tube change. This introduces distortions in the signal. The distortions are from other frequencies.

But Spooky can control many of the harmonics.

Let us assume that we wish to target the cancer frequencies of 1.604 MHz and 1.52592 MHz, both at the same time. We can hit both simultaneously through the use of side bands.We do this by first finding the central frequency. This is 1.5666 MHz. Now we modulate this frequency . The distance from 1.5666 MHz and 1.604 MHz is 37.4 kHz. So we use this modulation frequency to hit both cancer frequencies at the strongest sideband harmonics.

A plasma machine with a fixed carrier frequency cannot do this.


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